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What Exactly Do Computer Forensics Companies Do?

Most people have no idea what computer forensics is nor why you may need to hire a computer forensics company. Computers have become both integral and vital to everyday life with almost everyone becoming highly interconnected to the net at all times. With this use of computers for business and for commercial transactions comes increasing cybercrime. These can be highly sophisticated criminals who break into data systems looking for data or passwords both to steal money and even commit corporate espionage. Other examples where this service may be required include employee termination, policy conformance audits such as the Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) rules or Export Administration Regulations (EAR). When an incident like this occurs companies need the services of a computer forensic expert to pinpoint exactly what happened.

Basic computer forensics can be thought of as a three stage process — the evidence is acquired without alteration or damage. This is then authenticated to demonstrate that the evidence is the same as the original data and finally it is analyzed without being modified. Following this the attacker and method of attack are identified and analyzed to ensure that the same attack cannot happen again. A non-expert will often find they have not fully understood the attack and that their system is still unsecured.

Companies may have relied on their own IT departments for this in the past but as the attacks become ever more sophisticated it requires a dedicated expert to successfully address the problem. A trained forensic computer expert is not only able to collect and extract the data necessary to identify what attack has occurred, what data and passwords or client details have been exposed but also to do this in a manner that makes the data legally admissible as evidence. This includes password protected, hidden, encrypted and deleted files as well as evidence left behind by the attacker. It is also important to bring in an outside examiner as many security breaches are caused by current or ex-employees. This avoids wasting internal resources time and prevents destructive workplace gossip.

Audit examinations of a company's systems can prepare for problems before they happen as well as ensure adherence to electronic business regulations in their specialist area. The reviews will find security problems, especially those related to the protection of trade secrets and help prevent major data theft.

Other roles include the recovery of lost or damaged data and recovery of data from damaged equipment.

To resolve data security breaches and to audit and prepare your company for guarding its business against online attacks it is important to hire a specialist computer forensics expert to give you security and the strongest legal position in the event that an intrusion occurs. For all but the largest organizations trying to use in-house IT staff to cover this role will be expensive and time consuming with too little specialist knowledge to carry it out correctly. For data recovery London is one of the leading locations with many computer forensics companies offering expert advice.

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